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Welcome to the Updated

Welcome back, Mamma! I know, I know…it’s about damn time! Ladies, transferring this site over and getting things to a place I was satisfied with has been quite the journey. Not to mention all of the usual “life” stuff in between. But here we are…delayed but not denied!

I wanted this new site to bring you straight to the topics that are most relevant to you. Instead of having to scroll through infinite amounts of blog posts, you can now easily navigate to the topics you’re most interested in. If you’ve been following Millennial Mamma for awhile you’ve probably already read all of my previous posts. If not, have a read and leave a comment. I love to read your feedback and suggestions on topics you’d like to see more of. A lot of you who engage with me on Instagram often have questions around products, so expect to see more product reviews on the new!

When I started on this journey last year, I had no idea what it would be or how it would grow. I must say it has been an amazing ride thus far. You ladies have helped shape this Millennial Mamma community, and I’m super grateful for all of you who have helped me in my motherhood journey. Let’s continue to empower and support other women to live their best lives with their babies by their side.

Continue to stay connected for all of the amazing things to come, and remember…mammas gotta have a life too!



Millennial Mamma