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Mom Hacks for Back to School

It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you…the summer is almost over. Hold on, wait, I have good news too! With summer coming to an end, this means that for some of us, school is back and no more kids will be in the house. Now that deserves a toast! You’ve made it through the constant “I wants” and the “I’m bored” statements. I applaud you. With that being said, we all know how hectic back to school can be, but I’m here to help you make it as smooth as possible. I have 10 back to school mom hacks that will make your transition super smooth and get you organized for this coming school year. Check them out below!

1. Create a homework station
Gather all of the tools one would need to complete homework. This will cut down on those distractions and excuses like, “I don’t have a pencil.” We’ve added a caddy like this one to the desk for our daughter’s convenience.

2. During laundry day, take clothes out for the entire week
Take advantage of laundry day. As you are folding and putting clothes away, pull out 4-5 outfits they will need throughout the week. I even incorporate my daughter’s gymnastics leotards, that she needs as well. This will make getting dressed a breeze and mornings a lot easier. We store them in this handy closet storage.

3. Organize the fridge/pantry for easy lunch making
Clear a corner in the fridge or pantry, preferably within reach of your child, so they can access all of the food they need to make their lunch. Be sure to put a variety of items in these bins so that they’ll be able to have choices and different lunches each day, if need be.

4. Create a family command center
If you have trouble keeping up with important school/work dates, sports events and practices, then a command center is definitely for you. For those that don’t know, a command center is basically a corner of your home that houses a calendar, a place to drop mail or important papers, a place to drop backpacks and possibly shoes, and a place to basically corral things you will need on your way out of the door.

5. Make grab and go breakfast
Grab and go breakfast is a lifesaver. Especially for those that just have to have a hot breakfast. Breakfast burritos and sandwiches are perfect for freezing. Just pop it into the fridge the night before, then warm it the next morning and you have breakfast. Something so simple that will keep the kids full until lunch time.

6. Put together freezer meals
During the week we are so busy running from carpool line to practice or rehearsal that we barely have time for dinner. If you can take a few Sundays before school starts and pack some freezer meals, then it will help you out on those busy days. Just pop it into the Crockpot before work, or in the oven when you get home, and dinner is served.

7. Prepare a carpool snack pack
If you are like me, and have to hear how hungry your child is all the way home, then this hack is for you. It never fails, every time I pick my daughter up she is starving, so I have to readily have a snack for her and for my sanity. These snacks also come in handy on the days she has gymnastics right after school. They provide her with enough fuel to get through practice.

8. Create a morning and night schedule
Putting my kids on a schedule has made all of the difference for the household. They know when they need to eat and when to have a bath. They know when it is homework time and when it’s time to brush their teeth. It provides a sense of independence and as a bonus, it lets me know when I will be able to have ME time.

9. Pack a backpack emergency kit
This may not apply for the younger kiddies, but it is more for those who have kids in middle and high school. Have your kids keep a pouch of some sort in their backpacks, with a few dollars in it, some Chapstick, some sanitary napkins (for girls), and anything else you may deem as an emergency fixer. You just never know! For my daughter, I keep one in her bag with hand sanitizer, Chapstick or lip gloss, some lotion, tissue, and a few dollars.

10. Put at least 10-20 dollars on your kid’s school tab
If your child normally brings their own lunch it is a good idea to put a few dollars on their school tab. There may be a day that they forget their lunch. To save you from having to run back to school to bring it, you can have them just use the money on their account. Problem solved!

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