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Millennial Mamma Boozy Brunch

If I had to describe the afternoon in one word, that word would be EPIC. Millennial Mamma launched almost two years ago, and this platform has exceeded what I ever thought it would be. It literally started as an idea. That idea was me writing about returning to work after maternity leave. I was so eager to get back into my career, but I was also nervous to be away from my little one. From there, I continued writing and sharing my motherhood experience, and the Millennial Mamma community continued to grow.

I knew I eventually wanted to host events, but I didn’t know when I would find the time. I also knew the first event was going to be a brunch. No formal agenda, just a laid back atmosphere with good food, drinks, music and great energy. So in late 2019, I just picked a date and committed to it. That’s the only way I was going to get it done! I checked out a few venues, and found a beautiful space that was fairly new. I reached out to the owner(s) to schedule a visit. When I arrived at dE Lux Suite, I was greeted by Faith, who owned the space with her husband. What I thought would be a quick 10 minute visit turned into a good 75 minutes of talking. We found out we both shared so much in common (especially motherhood), and I also learned that she was an event planner. In that same visit, I hired her to also handle the decor, because I really just wanted to show up on the day of the event. I know I could’ve gathered my girlfriends together to help me set up and decorate, but I didn’t want to put that stress on myself or others. I really wanted everyone to show up and enjoy their much needed time away from mothering. One lesson I have learned in motherhood, is sometimes you have to pay for convenience and peace of mind. I always believe in hiring people who are passionate about their craft. That’s better than me doing a half-ass job. Plus, my time was better spent on things I really enjoy.

In addition to the venue and decor, I wanted to utilize as many mom-owned businesses as vendors. It was no surprise I was able to accomplish that, because us mammas are freaking dope! Catering, DJ, bar, photography, desserts and giveaways were all mom-owned businesses. It made me so proud to create a space for us, by us. This space was filled with 40 women, laughing, letting go of their worries, and sharing experiences over unlimited {MOM}osas. You know, like a mimosa but way stronger!

The Millennial Mamma Boozy Brunch was just the first of many events. I can’t wait to see how this community will flourish, and how us mammas will “reclaim our time.”

If you missed this one, you don’t want to miss the next event. Check out the pics below!

Venue and Décor: dE Luxury Events and Rentals

Catering: Blended Flavors

Beverage Catering: Sip With Me

DJ: DJ Sienna Chanel

Photography: Aria Isadora

Videography: J’Nell Films

Custom Place cards: House of Mimi 

Product Sponsor: Curls


MM Boozy Brunch

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