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Livin’ La Vida Loca

I’ve been back from vacation for two weeks, and I’m already ready for another! Cabo San Lucas, Mexico was everything I needed in my life, and at the right time. A few months ago, hubby and I decided we would go on a trip at the end of the summer, with Karter. After careful consideration and a trip to San Diego, that idea went out the window. As excited as we are to show Karter the world, we had the perfect opportunity to go on vacation without him. We had the grandmas’ schedules lined up for us to go on vacation Saturday-Wednesday. Hell yea we took advantage of that opportunity, and it was so worth it.

Honestly, we were so indecisive about where to go and whether to take Karter, that we booked this trip a little over a month in advance, which isn’t usually like me. Nonetheless, we booked and were so glad at our decision. We decided on the Breathless Resort and our friends who are also a millennial couple, joined us. When I say Breathless was a good choice, I mean it. I’ve had my fair share of all-inclusive resorts and one thing that irritates me at most of them, is the lack of availability at the restaurants. At this resort, you could walk right in with no reservation. Perfect set up for people like us who are likely to take an extended nap from day drinking! Even better, people like us with an infant at home who haven’t had a real break in a while.

When we first arrived at Breathless, we were greeted with glasses of champagne, and fresh washcloths for our faces, which was a great pick me up. We got there about three hours prior to check in, but to our surprise our room was ready! The bellhop met us at our room (which had a beautiful view of the marina) with our luggage, and we were eager to change into our swim clothes. But first, I needed to see what the mini bar was hitting for! Corona’s on deck, ok I’m already feeling this place. Within the first two hours, the guilt of leaving our little one at home went out the balcony door. We were in Cabo, and we were lit!

First stop before hitting the pool was nourishment, of course. We stopped by a cute tapas lounge en route to the pool, called Bites. They had several options to choose from so we went with shrimp cocktail, shrimp sliders, buffalo wings and my vacation favorite, ceviche. Oh, and of course…margaritas! After enjoying lunch and a beautiful view, we continued our journey to the pool. I was expecting a nice pool with folks enjoying delicious fruity drinks. While my expectations were met, it was accompanied by a DJ, gorgeous views of Medano beach and a foam party. Yes, a FOAM party! We had so much fun our first few hours there, we were showered and in bed for the night at 6pm. Before becoming a parent, I would’ve been upset to sleep the night away on vacation. Trust me, we had NO SHAME in our decision! We woke up around midnight, hungry of course and were able to order room service. Our room had a tablet which allowed us to order or schedule room service 24/7 (alcoholic beverages as well).

On day two, we woke up feeling refreshed and grabbed breakfast from the buffet, Spoons. I was not thrilled with the food here at all. In fact, the options were slim, and it was your basic all-inclusive breakfast. Nonetheless, we put something in our stomachs to get it ready for the shots of tequila we consumed all day! We were joined this day, by our friends Avon and Sabrina who are parents to two boys. As you can imagine, they needed a getaway as well. Endless shots and cocktails did not stop us from hitting the Cabo nightlife. That night, we headed downtown to a nightclub called Crush. I honestly do not know the last time I went to a nightclub, and at first Rob and I were not even interested in going, but we sucked it up, and we were glad we did. It was a blast! The DJ was rocking and playing all the hottest songs, to make us feel like we were 20-something year old party animals.

While in Cabo, we celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary. I honestly can’t believe how quickly two years flew by. There was a Ruth’s Chris near the hotel, which is where we enjoyed our anniversary dinner. I just couldn’t resist that stuffed chicken breast! The true highlight of our trip though, was the yacht we chartered through Seashine Adventures. It was E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Upon entering the dock, we were greeted with fresh watermelon juice (which we quickly added tequila to) and a fruit platter. The captain and crew on board the Isabella was phenomenal. We sailed the beautiful blue ocean with sunny skies for three hours, accompanied by unlimited drinks, freshly made guacamole, shrimp tacos and the absolute best chicken quesadillas to hit my lips. All made on board the yacht. We circled around El Arco, the point where the Pacific Ocean becomes the Gulf of Cailfornia, watched sea lions and even jumped in the ocean for a swim. Everything was breath-taking. After stumbling into our room at about 7pm, we spent our last night in Cabo just like our first night. In bed early!

All in all, deciding to take this vacation sans our little one was the best decision we could’ve made. We initially felt guilty and wondered if we were leaving him for too long, too soon. But the truth of the matter is we needed it. It was the time we needed to remind each other why we fell in love in the first place (we like to have fun). Most importantly, Karter was fine. Taking a vacation with an infant is not a vacation, it’s a trip LOL. You are on their schedule and somewhat the same routine you have at home, just in a new location. This was the first of many mommy and daddy trips to come, if even only once a year. We need that time. For now, though, we’re rejuvenated and back to obsessing over this beautiful human being we created.


Millennial Mamma