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Home Is Where the Heart Is

This blog post is overdue, but I have been overwhelmed with celebrations. On August 20th, Rob and I celebrated our 4-year wedding anniversary, and 5 days after that I turned the big 3-5. Your girl is tired! Nonetheless, I wanted to be sure to share our at-home anniversary celebration with you all.

Pre-pandemic, we would usually travel for our anniversary, or go for a nice dinner. Given the current circumstances, only one of those was an option this year. Leading up to our anniversary, we had not dined outside since restaurants opened up, so I decided to order takeout…but make it over the top lol.

Anniversary setup

I’d been following QC Picnics since their business launched, and immediately thought, what a great business idea. Way to pivot during a pandemic! I was just waiting for a special occasion to book them for. About two weeks prior to our anniversary, I reached out to reserve a backyard setup for our special day. Booking was seamless and affordable. The beautiful set up you see cost me under $200 and came with everything needed for an awesome summer celebration at home. In fact, the hardest part was figuring out what we were going to eat for dinner lol.

Anniversary dinnerLeading up to the day, Rob had no idea what I was planning. I don’t always surprise him, but when I do…I make sure it’s good lol. I sent him to pick up dinner from The Boil (one of our guilty pleasures), while the QC Picnics crew setup in our backyard. When he arrived back home, he was totally shocked! The way they transformed our backyard so quickly, was impressive.Black loveAfter changing into our “good clothes,” we turned on the music, poured some drinks and enjoyed our evening. The teepee they provided was such a cute touch that allowed us to vibe out and enjoy the summer night’s breeze.

All in all, the experience was worth the investment and I can’t wait for another special event, so I can book them again. If you’re in the NY/NJ area hit them up!


Millennial Mamma